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New: Fees for Medical Records By State

August 23, 2013

Find-A-Code has located two great resources that show the fees that may be charged for medical records on a state-by-state basis.

If you've ever wondered if you can charge for medical records and how much you can charge, then these resources are ideal for you.

Also shown charges per page, per request, and more. Each state has enacted their own laws and regulations and they can vary widely.  You can even driill down into the exact legislation to see the code/regulations.

The page with the links can be found by going to the Find-A-Code home page, and clicking on the "Healthcare Legislation" link near the bottom of the "Coding Tools" center column.  Then click on the "Medical Record Charges by State" link.  Or go directly to:

Another great resource provided to you by/through Find-A-Code.

Happy coding!

- the Find-A-Code Staff


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