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Press Release: Find-A-Code Partners with CODESMART University

August 29, 2013

NEW YORK, Aug. 29, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CodeSmart Holdings, Inc. (ITEN), with its subsidiary, The CODESMARTTM Group, Inc. (collectively, "CODESMART"), a premier ICD-10 education and solutions group that offers CODESMARTTM UNIVERSITY, its on-line education solution and customizable training solutions, announces today that it is partnering with Find-A-Code, the leading provider of on-line coding and billing information to make ICD-10 training materials available to Find-A-Code customers.

"Find-A-Code provides current coders with important resources in order to do their jobs well," said Ira Shapiro, Chairman and CEO of CODESMART(TM). "However, with the change to ICD-10, many of the resources will soon be outdated, and existing coders will need additional resources to ensure that they keep current, and provide medical practices and hospitals with accurate coding."

"CODESMARTTM UNIVERSITY created an in-depth training system to help prepare the Industry for the upcoming transition to ICD-10," said LaMont Leavitt, CEO of Find-A-Code. "We are excited to be offering CODESMARTTM UNIVERSITY's ICD-10 training program to our customers as a featured education and training resource. The CODESMARTTM UNIVERSITY courses are designed for both new and experienced coders. There is also a course specifically designed for clinicians."

About Find-A-Code(TM)

Find-A-Code provides the most complete medical coding and billing resource library available anywhere. Find-A-Code's online libraries include extensive information for all major code sets (ICD-9, CPT(R), HCPCS, DRG, APC, NDC, ICD-10 and more) along with a wealth of supplemental information such as newsletters and manuals (AHA Coding Clinics, CPT Assistant, DH Newsletters, Medicare Manuals). All information is indexed, searchable and organized for quick access and extensive cross-referencing., is designed to help coders avoid denials, save time, and get fast answers to medical coding and billing questions using a wide variety of integrated and cross-linked information sources.

To learn more about Find-A-Code's CODESMARTTM UNIVERSITY courses visit: or contact LaMont Leavitt CEO 801-770-4203 ext 101.

About Codesmart(TM)

CodeSmart Holdings, Inc. (ITEN) with its subsidiary, The CODESMART(TM) Group, Inc., is a premier national subject matter expert for ICD-10 education and compliance in the United States. Its product, CODESMART(TM) UNIVERSITY, is an on-line program of study for existing coders, new coders, clinicians, and healthcare roles of all types. Created by a combination of a leading panel of ICD-10 subject matter experts and a major four-year accredited university, which contributed the nation's top course designers and a platform that already provides interactive education to more than 60,000 students per year in degree programs. The ICD-10 training also includes live professors who work with and guide students through the programs of study in ICD-10.

CODESMART(TM) UNIVERSITY is endorsed by over 60 colleges and universities nationwide for its quality of education. The CODESMART(TM) Group, Inc. also provides solutions for ICD-10 transition, outsource coding, coding audits, critical documentation improvement and the revenue cycle continuum.

To learn more about CODESMART(TM) UNIVERSITY's proprietary programs, visit or



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