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New Product Mix, including 2 new add-ons!

October 25, 2013

We here at Find-A-Code are pleased to announce a new Product mix that we feel is better tailored to our customers needs.

New base packages: "Essentials" vs "Professional"

We've removed the "Find-A-Code Basic" base subscription product and "CPT Codes, RVUs, Fees" add-on and in their place created two packages: "Find-A-Code Essentials" and "Find-A-Code Professional". A detailed description of what is and is not included in each is found on our subscribe page, but the main points are:

Essentials: $4.95 per month, paid annually (just $59.95/year!)
Includes ICD-9-CM, CPT, HCPCS and ICD-10-CM along with LCDs and NCDs, and our famous Click-A-Dex™ index search engine.  The Essentials product is ideal for students and entry-level coders.

Professional: $29.95 per month
Contains everything in Essentials, plus RVUs, Fees, enhanced code information along with all the powerful Find-A-Code coding tools like: Build-A-Code, Browse-A-Code, NCCI Edits Validator and much more.  The Professional package is designed for professional coders and billers.

Existing customers will continue with their current subscriptions (Basic/CPT) for the time being, without any action required.

New add-on: "Code-A-Note"

Code-A-Note is a new product, in a category all it's own. Built on top of Access Integrity's MAIstro Engine for natural language processing, Code-A-Note combines a semantic enrichment, rule-based taxonomy tool with comprehensive medical coding datasets. The Code-A-Note concept extractor software analyzes text in electronic medical records and recommends relevant codes, significantly increasing coder productivity and efficiency. Code-A-Note is ideal for medical providers and healthcare organizations who want to ensure that claims are correct and compliant.

Pricing: $53.95/mo, or $599.95 annually

New add-on: "DRG Grouper"

We designed our MS-DRG Grouper specifically to integrate with the existing Find-A-Code DRG data to bring together DRG Grouping and Pricing in a simple and familiar layout. The Grouper works on the most current MS-DRG v31.0 definitions, and intelligently asks for more information only when it is needed.

Pricing: $39.95/mo, or $399.95 annually

Click here to view the new subscriptoin page with these new packages and Add On products.

We hope you are as excited about these new changes as we are!

Happy Coding!

- Find-A-Code Staff

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