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New: Searchable Medicare FAQs

January 18, 2011

Find-A-Code is proud to announce another powerful new research tool; a Searchable Medicare FAQ (frequently asked questions) database.

To use this new tool, select the "More... (Forms, FAQs, NCCI, etc.)" link in the "Medicare Manuals & Guides" section of the "Coding Information" column.  This will take you to the Medicare Information page:

medicare faqs

Select the "Medicare FAQs - Searchable" link (circled in yellow above) to see:

Medicare Frequently Asked Questions

The "Medicare FAQs" page has a search box at the top and drill-down selection boxes on the left.  Relevant Medicare FAQs will appear in the right area.  If there are more than 10 in the selected category, you may see more questions by using the page number links below the 10 displayed questions.  When you click on a question you will be taken to a page showing the FAQ information:

Frequently Asked Questions for Medicare

If you enter text in the search box on the "Medicare FAQs" page you will see search results related to the keywords you entered:

FAQs for Medicare

If you have the "Expanded Search" open on the left, you will notice that there is a new item labeled "Medicare FAQs" in the blue "Medicare Information" section.

Once again Find-A-Code give you the power of an incredible amount of informtaoin right at your fingertips.


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