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Search Tool Enhancements + Top 10 Searching Tips

May 13, 2014
We have released some major enhancements to our signature Find-A-Code Search Tool!

Now you can quickly narrow search results to a single code set by typing the abbreviation before the keyword, for example "CPT Chest Xray" or "ICD9 Gastric Reflux".

If one of the results is a Chapter/Section heading and  you select it, instead of navigating to a new page now you’ll see our pop-up window of CodeBookView™ so you can easily see all the codes within that section.

In case you didn’t know, you can also search  terms in the dictionary right here in the search tool – simply check the "Dictionary" box from the column to the left, or type "dictionary" or "define" before the term, for example "define gastroenteritis".

We are also in the process of refining our Specialty Search filters, and adding new Specialties over the next few months.

Top 10 Find-A-Code Search Tips:

1. The more specific keywords you enter, the better the results

2. Use the Drop-Down Specialty filters for specialty-specific results

3. Use the checkboxes to the left to refine results by code set, and click the “Switch to Expanded

Search” button (at the bottom of left column) for even more control over what results display

4. To see results from only one code set, double-click on the checkbox of just the set you want OR

enter the code set before the keyword in the box (e.g. CPT chest xray or ICD9 gastric reflux)

5. To see a range of codes in a list, enter an exclamation point before (i.e. !99200-99300)

6. To see codes that begin with a few digits, enter an asterisk at the end (i.e. !320*)

7. Enter an asterisk at the end of a word or code to see results beginning with those letters or

numbers (i.e. ambu* or 321*)

8. Use CodeBookView™ to scan the index context for any code or hierarchy in the results

9. Add custom Keywords in the “Notes” section for specific codes

10. Search Dictionaries by typing the word Define before a term (i.e. Define clavicle)

Click here to try out the new search tool now!

Happy coding!
- the Find-A-Code Staff

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