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ICD-10 Coding Resources and Suggestions

October 08, 2015

ICD-10 Coding Resources and Suggestions

By:  Chris Woolstenhulme, CMRS
Published: October 5th, 2015

ICD-10 is finally here, it is no longer a myth. Here are a few suggestions to help you with ICD-10 and resources available for you.

Check out Find-A-Code, if you are not familiar with this on-line tool, you will quickly find this to be your most valuable resource during your transition and after. Try it out on-line at Find answers quickly with the FREE app on your phone, it is not the complete site, but you can look up codes. Subscriptions start for as little as $4.95/month, for access to all code sets, as well as Click-A-Dex, a index search tool, all Medicare LCD’s, NCD’, PQRS and more.

This is a No-Brainer! Go to, try it for FREE for 28 days, be sure to check out all of the tools during your Trial period. Professionals can subscribe for as low as $29.95/mo, keep in mind there is no contract, you pay month to month, most companies require a signed contract for at least two years.  CHAT is available M-F, 9-5 MST, if you have any questions.  

Below is a list of some of the information will find on the code information page of your code selection.

  • Instructional notes such as Code First, Code Also, Includes and Excludes1 and Excludes2
  • RED FLAG’s warn that you are on an unspecific code
  • LCD’s – Your local coverage determinations, NCD’s - National Coverage Determinations
  • Articles/Tips and 2016 Official Guidelines pertaining to the code you are viewing located on the code information page.

Additional tools can be added on any time after your 28 Day TRIAL period. There are several helpful tools available such as Code-A-Note, a great code suggestion engine suggesting the most relevant codes from your provider notes. Code-A-Note can also be used as a code checker, to quickly analyse and review the code selection.  Check out Scrub-A-Claim, a claim validation tool; verify you are sending a clean claim before you send it to the Payer, lowering your risk of denials.

Offering subscriptions to the authoritative documents that coders have relied on for years, such as AHA Coding Clinic® and AMA CPT Assistant®, available by subscription on Find-A-Code. If there is an article available on the code you are viewing, it will be on the code information page, as well as several other ways to search for relevant articles. There is much more information and tools available at your finger tips when you subscribe to Find-A-Code.

Other Valuable Resources:

Check out this White paper for help finding codes with Find-A-Code, sign up for a Free News letter with Find-A-Code.

InstaCode Institute offers several tools including a Quick Start Guide to understanding ICD-10-CM for the Non-coder.  Over 30 Specialty Specific Books with Cross Walks/GEMS, tabular Index and the Alphabetic index to map and search your codes.

Provider Relations, your local carrier’s may have a provider portal or web site has help or guidance with ICD-10. Consult with your contracted payers, they may be able to direct you or give you access to information they have available for their providers.

       CMS Provider Resources 

       CMS document to assist Providers in finding answers to their ICD-10 Questions.

       MLN Connects – Coding Basics

Certification Coaching.ORG, Medical Coding Certification Forum, Any visitor can read the posts in the public forum area but you need to register in order to reply or post. Anyone can register and there is no charge. There are also instructional videos and news letters you can view and sign up for on

AHIMA’s Code-Check™ Purchase a single question, or an annual subscription that allows you or your staff to ask the questions you need answered throughout the year.   All answers are based on sound coding guidelines released from both AHA Coding Clinic® and AMA CPT Assistant®. 

AHA Coding Clinic

Code-A- Note; instantly code provider notes or verify/check the codes selected as a review process.

TCN-(The Coding Network) Coding hotline

Be sure to Check your local associations or memberships for provider assistance on ICD-10 support and information. 



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