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ICD-10-CM Blitz ICD-10-CM Proficiency Assessment Preparation Review

October 16, 2015

Are you getting ready to take the AAPC ICD-10-CM Proficiency Exam? Maybe you're a medical coder that wants to be prepared for the future in your field and know everything you need to know about ICD-10?  This is Alicia Scott, CPC, CPC-I, Educational Director with CCO, and we have a fantastic ICD-10-CM Proficiency Exam Training course that will do just that for you. It's called our ICD-10 Blitz.

Who Needs the ICD-10-CM Training Blitz?

Certified Medical Coders

You need this ICD-10 CM Training Blitz if you're a certified medical coder and you are getting ready to sit for the proficiency exam with the AAPC (which looks fantastic on the resume).

Medical Coding "Newbies"

You need this ICD-10 CM Training Blitz if you need to just know more about ICD-10. If you're new to medical coding and you're wondering, "Hmm, everybody keeps talking about ICD-10. I don't know where to start." Then the CCO ICD-10 Training Blitz is a perfect place to start because we're going to give you an overview of everything you need to know and we're going to give you all the details that supplement the overview.

Prepare to sit for the ICD-10 proficiency assessment and take the test with confidence!

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