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New Tool: Browse-A-Code

February 10, 2011

Find-A-Code is pleased to announce another new tool for researching, finding and using medical billing codes. 

Introducting: Browse-A-Code™.

Browse-A-Code is a powerful new tool that help you visualize and navigate the structure of various medical code sets.  Not just satisfied with "drilling-down" into a code set hierarchy, Find-A-Code's new Browse-A-Code allows you to also navigate "left" and "right" to go to the next and previous sections of codes as well as going up the hierarchy and drilling down into the codes within sections.


First you start by selecting a code set:

Medical Code Searching & Browsing

Then you can drill down into the chapters and sections of the code sets:

Medical Code Searching & Browsing

Buttons appear at the top of the display area that allow you to navigate up, down, left and right between the code set chapters/sections and codes.  You can continue drilling down into the code set:

Medical Code Searching & Browsing

Once you arrive at a section that contains codes, you can easily move to see the next or previous section:

Medical Code Searching & Browsing

You can also click on any code to see more information about that code.  And Find-A-Code displays the extremely useful icons related to each code (non-specific "red flag" icon pictured above).

This amazing, never-before-seen tool is only possible through computer technology and the medium of the internet - and the brainiacs in the Find-A-Code "programmers pit" where these great tools are designed and brought to life.

So if you are ready to take advantage of this new tool and the many other useful tools contained within - So Subscribe today or Sign In to your account.

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