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Watch out for New ICD-10-CM Codes


New ICD Codes for: Low Back Pain, Cervicogenic Headache, Non-Radiographic Axial Spondyloarthritis (nr-axSpA), and Social Determinations of Health (SDOH). These codes became effective on October 1, 2021.

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ICD-10-CM 2021 Codes for your Specialty


18. Symptoms, signs and abnormal clinical and laboratory findings, not elsewhere classified (R00-R99) Code:            Description:R51.0            Headache with orthostatic component, not elsewhere classifiedR51.9            Headache, unspecifiedR74.01          Elevation of levels of liver transaminase levelsR74.02     ...

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Stay out of Trouble — Understand the Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (QMB) Program


To assist low-income Medicare beneficiaries, CMS created the Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (QMB) program; a Medicaid benefit which pays for Medicare deductibles, coinsurance, or copays for any Medicare-covered items and services for Medicare Part A, Part B, and Medicare Advantage (Part C). Providers/suppliers are prohibited from billing premiums and cost sharing to Medicare beneficiaries who are enrolled in QMB.

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ICD-10-CM 2021 Coding Updates for Chiropractic


October 1st is just around the corner and that means it’s time for updates to the ICD-10-CM code set. This year there are some interesting changes such as a new headache type, new codes related to TMJ, several new codes for reporting accidents involving micro-mobility devices (e.g., hoverboard), and some other changes.

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Watch for Payer Telehealth Coverage Changes


As our country moves forward with a phased approach to reopening, be sure to pay close attention to individual payer policies regarding how long these changes will remain in effect. Keep in mind that private payer, federal programs (Medicare, Medicaid), and Medicare Advantage plans can all have different timelines as well as different coverage.

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Getting Your Practice Back on Track


As we begin returning back to work, we will all face a new normal. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the face of business. While it has certainly been a challenge to keep up with the ever-changing regulations (that’s likely to continue for a little longer), exciting new opportunities have also been created, such as the expansion of telemedicine. There’s also the maze of government funding that needs to be navigated and an increased awareness of OSHA standards to implement.

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COVID-19 Chiropractic Resources


COVID-19 Chiropractic Resources contains current, updated information regarding COVID-19. Included are lists of webinars, articles, websites and links pertaining to the ongoing changes.

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More Telehealth Changes Announced by CMS Chiropractic Offices Should Know About


On March 31, 2020, CMS announced further changes to their telehealth program in response to this unprecedented public health emergency (PHE). The announcement included far more information than is presented in this article which only summarizes the changes to telehealth. In fact, it does change a little of the information included in our March 31st webinar.

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CMS-Coverage for Therapeutic Shoes for Individuals with Diabetes


Therapeutic shoes and inserts can play a vital role in a diabetic patient's health. Medicare may cover one pair every year and three pairs of custom inserts each calendar year if the patient qualifies and everything is handled correctly.  Medicare Benefit Policy Manual explains what is needed for a person with diabetes to ...

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COVID-19: Cybercrime, Telehealth, and Coding


Your inbox is probably like mine with all sorts of announcements about COVID-19. Here are just a few reminders of things we felt should be passed along. We have heard of several cases of cybercrime related to this outbreak. For example, there was a coronavirus map which loads malware onto your ...

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Acupuncture Clarification


In the ChiroCode Newsletter released yesterday regarding Medicare coverage of acupuncture, one sentence in particular has let to some confusion. Read more about it here.

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Medicare Begins Covering Acupuncture Services


Medicare is changing their policy regarding coverage of acupuncture, but in order to provide these services, you must follow their rules.

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Q/A: Did Noridian Stop Covering the M99.0- Codes?


Question: I heard that Medicare Noridian Jurisdiction F (Alaska) has been denying claims with M99.00, M99.01, M99.02, M99.03 etc codes when billed with the CMT CPT codes. Did Medicare change their policy?

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Billing for Telemedicine in Chiropractic


Many large private payers recognize the potential cost savings and improved health outcomes that telemedicine can help achieve, therefore they are often willing to cover it. While there are several considerations, there could be certain circumstances where telemedicine might apply to chiropractic care.

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Q/A: Can Chiropractors Bill 99211?


Can chiropractic offices bill code 99211? Technically it can be used by chiropractors, but in most instances, it is discouraged. Considering that 99211 is a low complexity examination for an established patient, this code is not really made for the physician to use. In fact, in 2021, changes are coming for this code...

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