AMA CPT® Assistant - 2014 Issue 9 (September)

Radiology: Myelography and Injection Procedure (September 2014)

September 2014 pages 3-4 Radiology: Myelography and Injection Procedure This article provides recent coding updates related to the imaging of the spine with intrathecal contrast media. These changes reflect updates pertaining to myelography procedures reported with codes 72240, 72255, 72265, 72270, and the associated injection procedure, code 62284. Bundling of Lumbar Injection and Myelography Radiologic Supervision and Interpretation In CPT®2015 code set, the codes for intrathecal contrast administration via lumbar injection and X-ray myelographic radiologic supervision and interpretation (RS&I) will be bundled into a single new code, when both procedures are performed by the same physician or...

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